AOC (label of origin) Cassis White

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Some connoisseurs appreciate this white wine well balanced. It's aniseed-flavoured freshness and salted touches, it offers a vigorous and material taste over flavors becoming honeyed and finally iodized.
This straw-colored wine evolves softly to tastes of acacia and peach syrup.
Delicately balanced when in mouth, this wine is required on your table from to-day.
White of gastronomy, it will perfectly come with fish, seafood, bouillabaisse and goat's cheese.
And you'll be surprised with spicy food and sushi.

A certified organic agricultural production by Bureau Veritas FR-BIO-10

AOC Cassis White 2015

blanc articlesymbole-clos-60pxLAND
- Chalky clay stony sol
- 8 hectares of vineyard on terraces below the cap Canaille cliff
- 1.4 hectares directly in the property in front of the sea
- Annual rainfall of 600 mm
- Output strictly limited to 35 hectoliters per hectare

symbole-clos-60pxGRAPE VARIETIES
- Marsanne: Principal grape variety and emblematic for Cassis whites: 45 %
- Clairette: Fresh and aromatic, low in acidity and well developed in Provence: 20 %
- Ugni blanc: Relatively acidic, ideal for completing the blend: 30 %
- Bourboulenc: Close to clairette, fresh and aromatic: 5 %

- Gobelet pruning of the wines with three branches
- Vineyard partially paled up
- Irrigation forbidden
- Average age of the vines: 30 years

symbole-clos-60pxWINE PREPARATION
- Filling the wine press with destemmed grapes
- Slow cycle at a week intensity pneumatic wine press
- Transfer of juice into a cement tank with a regulated temperature to settle
- Filtration of sediment and reintegration
- Fermentation temperature regulated to 17°
- 12.5% alcohol

symbole-clos-60pxWINE DEVELOPMENT
- Wine rests for between 14 to 18 months
- Neither clarified nor filtered wine
- Bottling takes place on the Estate

- Serve cold: between 12° et 13°
- Light yellow color bright and clear. Light green reflections
- Delicate nose with hints of toast, minerals, eucalyptus
- Complex, full and persistent mouth with the freshness
- Pepper and white flowers
- Long end with flavours of honey and a light of bitterness

- Store in a cold and dry place with a consistent level of humidity
- Bottles kept in a horizontal position to keep the cork moist
- Keep the wine for between 2 and 4 years

Download the specification sheet click here

This very mineral dry white wine with a golden colour, will be the ideal companion for a mediterranean iodine cuisine. It will perfectly fit a grilled fish or en sauce fish or bouillabaisse or garlic mayonnaise. As well it will reveale the iodine taste of shellfishes and crustaceans.

With highly-seasoned cuisine based on pesto or a curried chicken this wine will match balance and length on those spicy notes.
Its delicacy and its length will perfectly come with sushis or Japanese fish cooking. They absolutely match with those spicy flavours.

Service temperature 12°C / 53,6°F
If possible open the bottle 15 min. before starting meal

En Magnum, par Bettane & DesseauveEn Magnum, par Bettane & Desseauve
"Bien construit, épicé, avec de beaux amers, c'est le plus profond des Cassis blancs avec un potentiel de garde de quelques années".
Journaliste : Alain Chameyrat

La revue des vins de France, spécial millésime 2015La revue des vins de France, spécial millésime 2015
"A dominante de vieilles marsannes bio, c'est un rare blanc qui fait sa "malo" et donne une jolie bouche gainée et juteuse".

Journaliste : Alexis Goujard