Wines of the vineyard

  • Blanc 2015 AOC Cassis Bel-Arme Blanc 2014 AOC Cassis Rosé 2015 AOC Cassis

The white wine of Clos Saint Magdeleine is characterised by floral, dry and mint aromas, enhanced by honey touches, which gives the wine a long flavour and a good balance.

label-accueil-aocThe wines are produced from a limited yield of established grape varieties. The white wine is the specialty of the estate, representing 80% of total production.

The rosé is a far smaller production, but shares the same characteristics.

Under the “Protected Designation of  Origin” since 1936, the white wine of Clos Sainte Magdeleine had received a gold medal award at the Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris.

label-accueil-abThe method of wine cultivation - bio-dynamie - is the most natural and environmental possible respecting the cycle of the wine in the most eco-friendly way. The Estate’s efforts was awarded with the label “Nutrition Méditerranée” in 2000, the standards of which have been further improved.