Collector Vintages Joseph Savon

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Joseph Savon's vintage is mainly produced with vines of more than 50 years planted in terraces exposed North North-West.

The chalky steep slopes and the sea breeze which brings its coolness naturally generate low yields.
Non-interventionist wine-growing in uniquely native yeasts.

Joseph Savon - Cuvée Collectionsymbole-clos-60px LAND
- Chalky rocky slopes
- Exposed North North-West
- Low yields
- Organic cultivation

symbole-clos-60pxGRAPE VARIETIES
- Mainly Ugni & Marsanne
- Other mediterranean vines

symbole-clos-60px WINE  PREPARATION
- Natural yeasts
- Non-interventionist wine-growing
- Long breeding on dregs

symbole-clos-60px TASTING
- Service temperature 12°C / 53,6°F
- Fine wine with floral aromas
- Intense flowery scents
- Numerous aromatic compounds
- Rich mineral texture
- Wonderful balance & length of the wine

(Articles to come very soon.)