Collector Vintages

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label-accueil-aocAs the years go by I discovered that parcelling up the domain represented the expression of various soils and offered a different approach increasing the characteristics of the wines of Clos Sainte Magdeleine.

That's why the idea of collector vintages, wines only produced in fair years and being at the best to express the particular taste of the charky soil of the seaside of Cassis. So, it's a way to pay tribute to the women and men who matter in the vineyard.

Marie de Magdala (or Marie-Magdeleine) Christ's follower, biblical important person, penitent former sinner, decided to come and end her life in Provence.
In the 19e century the name of the property had been chooses in her honour.

label-accueil-abJoseph Savon, former owner of Clos Sainte Magdeleine, brought about the revival of the Cassis' vineyard after the great crisis of phylloxera and awarded a golden medal for his white wine at the 1900 world fair in Paris.