Grape picking

  • Deux générations au travail...
  • Coupeur dans les Grenaches
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  • Two generations at work...
  • Cutters in the "Grenache".
  • Other cutters.

The grape picking period is the culmination of the whole year of work on the vines and a key time in the life of the vineyard. During approximately three weeks of intense activity, two teams combine their efforts: the grape-pickers and the cellar master.

vendanges-1The grape picking, work still performed by hand has to be carried out in the morning in order to obtain the right temperature for the juice. Then, before the grapes are pressed, they must first be destemmed to maintain the unity of the juice as much as possible. Finally before the juice actually arrives in the tanks, carbonic ice is applied to reduce its oxidation.

During the process, the wine is decanted for a first time, then, in order to control the beginning of the fermentation, wine yeast is added to the juice.

En cave, un premier débourbage est réalisé, puis l’ajout de levures lors du passage en cuve, permet de contrôler le début de la fermentation.

On an almost daily basis, oenological controls are conducted to make sure that the fermentation (transformation of juice sugar into alcohol) is attained in the best conditions. The wine remains in the tanks for 14 to 18 months before the bottling.