Work on the vines

  • "La Baume Noire", printemps 2011
  • Le travail dans la vigne
  • "Le Clos" en automne
  • "La Baume Noire", spring 2011.
  • Work in the vineyard.
  • The "Clos" in Autumn.

Cultivating the vines requires respect for the cycles of seasons, which define the periods of the soil’s rest and plant growth.

le-travail-dans-la-vigne-1Winter is usually dedicated to pruning. The method used, called gobelet pruning, is characterised by a short trunk and long branches, broadly open and fanned out, providing efficient airing for the vinestock. During winter the vines rest and make up new reserves after the warm and dry summer months (June to September).

le-travail-dans-la-vigne-2In early spring, the soil labour starts.

clairette-au-printempsDéchaussage and weeding of the vines all performed by hand. The land is then ploughed which allows an oxygenation of the soil and helps restart growth.

The following months are dedicated to various activities: tying up young vines, controlling the shoots and cutting back potential regrowths.

When the plants are well developed, a sulphur and copper treatment is applied as is required for the wines to cure illnesses such as mildew and powdery mildew.

le-travail-dans-la-vigne-3Sometimes the grapes are thinned out if there are too many on the vine. Trimming the leaves can also be useful if the grapes don't have enough sun exposition.

Finally, analysis on different grape varieties is carried out to determine the maturity of grapes and fix a date for the grape picking.