Family Business

  • Jonathan SACK-ZAFIROPULO, Winzer
  • cabanon-au-lieu-dit-bel-arme
  • vue-aerienne-du-domaine
  • Jonathan SACK-ZAFIROPULO, Wine grower
  • Cottage in so-called place "Bel Arme".
  • Aerial view of the property.

The Zafiropulo family originally had interests in the industrial sector in Greece, but settled in Marseille in the 19th century. Since they immigrated, four generations have been dedicated to the production of great white wines in Cassis.

The family’s passion and dedication in developing white wines and rosés has been rewarded several times, receiving distinctions for quality during wine competitions and fairs.

After Costia Zafiropulo (until 1975), his daughter Georgina with her husband's help François Sack (until 2010), Jonathan SACK-ZAFIROPULO now perpetuates the tradition of the family business.

To-day the wine grower is helped by his wife Aurélie (who joined the domain in 2011) and together they look after the wine producing, development and promotion of the products of Clos Sainte-Magdeleine.

The main thrusts of development selected by Jonathan SACK-ZAFIROPULO concerns the increase the soil in value producing parcel's vintages which define the domain identity. The certified organic products guarantee a sustainable management for soils and environment.