Calanques National Park

Parc National des CalanquescalanquesCreated by a Primeminister order in council in 2012, the Calanques National Park in the first suburban park in Europ. It is situated around 3 communes : Marseilles, Cassis and La Ciotat. It has earth and sea parts.

garrigue-pinede-climacique-littoraleIts principal attraction is the Calanques massif which spreads over quite 15 km from Marseilles to Cassis of wild coast broken by 7 deep narrow creeks. These are today  matchless sanctuaries for faun and flora biodiversity.

Paysage marin à coralligène du littoral du Massif des CalanquesPainted horses in the Cosquer caveThe greatest challenge will be to maintain the balance of this country - inhabited since prehistory - between this delicate patrimony of landscape, culture, natural wonders and the multi-purposes of the city of Marseilles, second greatest city of France.

Cassis, its soils and vineyards constitute a buffer zone between these two lovely areas : Cap Canaille on the East side and the "Calanques" (deep narrow creeks) on the West side of Cassis. So this "agreement zone" where the agricultural and economical activities are permitted but strictly managed, represents a remarquable development project where men and nature have to live together for the best.

So the  guaranteed vintage Cassis with label of origin is entirely located in the Calanques National Park, which is unique in France. Clos Saint Magdeleine follows that way producing wines guaranteed 100 % Organic and Sustainable Agriculture. For the customers, we guarantee a wine without any pesticide and a cultivation  environment-friendly of our exceptional area now protected by a law.